The recommended dose of LiveBrew is 100ml per day but more may safely be taken, if desired. Your daily dose may be divided into several smaller doses over the day or taken all at once. Naturally occurring particles will occur. Gently invert the bottle several times before pouring to combine this sediment.

LiveBrew may be taken straight, or mixed with water or juice just before consuming, if preferred.

Store your unopened bottles of LiveBrew out of direct sunlight and protected from extremes of temperature. Do not refrigerate the unopened bottle. Use LiveBrew before the date shown on the bottle.

A taste for good health

The taste of LiveBrew is always going to be more microbial than soft drink. Certain people are genetically more sensitive to certain compounds in LiveBrew, especially the butyric acid. This is a very healthy and helpful substance that unfortunately can be a bit off-putting to those who are most sensitive to it. 

Personally I dilute 50ml in a tumble of water and thus get the benefit of hydration with my LiveBrew twice a day. Another option is to add LiveBrew to smoothies. As people begin to feel healthier, their body/mind will often adjust to the taste and many report developing an accepting palate for it over time. 

To your good health!

Andre Prassinos
Managing Director

Once opened, refrigerate and keep the bottle tightly capped. Consume contents fully within 12 days of opening.